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Shotgun Cartridges

In store we have a great collection of shotgun cartridges for 12g, 16g, 20g, 28g, and 410g shotguns. During these difficult times we are offering a click and collect service where you can order online and pick up at the door of the shop. Take a look at some of the great brands we have in store today.

All cartridges should be stored at room temperature in a dry location. Adverse temperatures may affect performance. Do not expose to extreme temperatures.


Clear Pigeon has been developed in conjunction with renowned Pigeon shooter Andy Crow. Designed with the pigeon shooter in mind to provide the highest quality yet at a competitive price without sacrificing on performance, patterns and knockdown.

12 Gauge

clear pigeon

30gms:6 fibre wad £74.32 per slab

32gms:6 fibre wad £76.32 per slab.

Velocity plus

30gms:6 fibre wad £61.20 per slab.

20 Gauge

Super Competition

24gms 8 £60.60 per slab

28gms 8 £79.20 per slab

410 Gauge

Traditional game

9gms 6 (50mm length) £6.62 per box

9gms 7 (5omm length) £6.49 per box

11gms 6 (65mm length) £6.79 per box


16gms 6 (73mm length) £6.89 per box

18gms 6 (73mm length) £6.99 per box


The BioAmmo biodegradable game and clay cartridges are made of 100% biodegradable natural materials. Being biodegradable, and not polluting the environment, does not mean sacrificing the quality and precision of the shot.

12 Gauge

Rex Steel shot

28gms 7 £81 per slab

Lux steel shot

32gms 5 £106.20 per slab


28gms 7.5 £93.60 per slab


30gms 6 £108 per slab


Exhilarating drives call for a special breed of cartridge. Found in the highest circles, our game loads are designed to give 100% performance down range. Carefully selected components combined with our bespoke formulas of propellant produce clean burning characteristics and tolerant storage. Stringent quality standards and extensive field testing, ensure the 'Hull' game range is powerful in the field yet comfortable on the shoulder. So whether it's grouse or goose, pheasant or partridge, we offer the perfect solution for the most testing of shots.

12 Gauge

Comp x

28gms 7.5 £53.64 per slab

High Pheasant Extreme

30gms 6 £93.60 per slab

32gms 6 £99.95 per slab

Super Fast Pigeon

28gms 6 £88.20 per slab

Imperial Game

28gms 6 £88.20 per slab

20 Gauge

High pheasant extreme

28gms 6 £99 per slab

25gms 6 £87.12 per slab

16 Gauge

High Pheasant

26gms 6 £89.28 per slab

28 Gauge

Game and clay cartridge

18gms 7 £86.04 per slab

High pheasant

23gms 6 £94.32 per slab


High performance fibre wad game range. The ‘Royal Game’ range of fibre wad shotgun cartridges has been engineered to deliver dense patterns and high terminal energy with superior stopping power.

12 Gauge

Royal Game

28gms 6 £83.75 per slab

30gms 5.5 £86.50 per slab

32gms 5.5 £91.50 per slab


The RC cartridges are a smooth cartridge with a light load available, with a fibre wad.

12 Gauge


28gms 7.5 £55.95 per slab

24gms 7.5 £54.95 per slab

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