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Pampered Pooch

Here at Morston Country Sports we love all breeds of dogs. They are a great companion and brighten up the hardest of days. Why not have a browse through all of our doggy stock and see how you can treat your pooch today.

In store we have a great selection of Training kits from puppy to the more advanced. We have a great selection of whistles and leads, Training dummies, Dog coats, Flashing collars to make sure your dog can be seen on those early morning or late evening walks. Dog beds so they have somewhere to be comfortable. Dog shampoo, Towels and blankets. We also have a great selection of dog food in stock available for click and collect in store.

Lanyards and Dog Whistles

In store we have a great range of lanyards such as these Colourful bisley lanyards at only £6.99. we also have leather plaited lanyards for £19.99, Twisted lanyard at £9.99 or 4mm lanyard at £8.99.

The whistles come in a range of pitches from 210-212 for £9.99, We also sell the Acme shepherds mouth nickel whistle for £5.95 and the Silent dog whistle for £24.95