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Pampered Pooch

Here at Morston Country Sports we love all breeds of dogs. They are a great companion and brighten up the hardest of days. Why not have a browse through all of our doggy stock and see how you can treat your pooch today.

In store we have a great selection of Training kits from puppy to the more advanced. We have a great selection of whistles and leads, Training dummies, Dog coats, Flashing collars to make sure your dog can be seen on those early morning or late evening walks. Dog beds so they have somewhere to be comfortable. Dog shampoo, Towels and blankets. We also have a great selection of dog food in stock available for click and collect in store.

Lanyards and Dog Whistles

In store we have a great range of lanyards such as these Colourful bisley lanyards at only £6.99. we also have leather plaited lanyards for £19.99, Twisted lanyard at £9.99 or 4mm lanyard at £8.99.

The whistles come in a range of pitches from 210-212 for £9.99, We also sell the Acme shepherds mouth nickel whistle for £5.95 and the Silent dog whistle for £24.95

Dog Safety

Rukka black form seatbelt £9.99

The Form Seatbelt extension part, which is made of durable nylon, is adjustable and easy to attach to the vehicle’s seat belt slot. With the help of the seat belt extension, the Rukka Form harness transforms into a safety belt harness. There is a stylish gunmetal finish on the rotating snap hook and other metal parts. Please make sure that the seat belt extension fits your vehicle’s seat belt slot. The product is not compatible with all car brands.

Be seen be safe this Niteize nitedawg led collar cover is only £12.99. This dog collar is a must if you like to walk your dog in the hours of darkness it fits on most 1"wide collars its durable weather resistant and durable. We also stock the flashing collar led rechargeable usb band in yellow for £12.50 and the Niteize Nitehowl led safety necklace in orange for £12.99.

Rukka camo Orange reflective dog safety vest is in our store be safe be seen on those Early morning Late evening walks, Keep your dogs safe from £28 these are great. Well-placed reflective details and a bright colour

Makes no rustling sounds when moving

Figure-flattering model

Durable material

Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Keeping Your Dog Clean

Animology dog shampoo

£7.99 per tube click on our website to see our full range of scents.

we also do the No rinse shampoo option for £8.99. other options available. Mucky pup - Suitable for puppies from the age of 6 weeks old. It can also be used as an everyday dog no-rinse shampoo and is infused with the Animology "baby" scent. 250ml spray.

Animology Stink Bomb Deodorising Spray £8.99

Animology's best-selling product, loved around the world. This vitamin enriched spray is suitable for all types of dog coat and keeps them smelling fresh and in great condition. Infused with the Animology "signature" scent. 250ml spray.

Rukka Light grey Micro Light Doggy Bathrobe. From £23.99

Extremely soft, lightweight and dries fast,

Can be used as a cooling garment on hot summer days, Helps to keep the surfaces and furniture in your home safe from water splashes and mud after a bath or walk, Fast to put on and stays well in place.

Dries the fur and keeps the dog warm after a shower, bath, swim or walk in the rain, Highly absorbent bathrobe made of microfibre.

Leads And Coats

There is a great selection of dog coats in store. whether its a lightweight wax dog coat, polar quilted or fleece lined we have something for them all.

With coats starting from £29.96 and a wide range of style and sizing available why not head over to our website for a browse to find the perfect one for your dog.

from Barbour slip leads to barbour leather tartan dog leads, Flexi leads to rope leads. In store we have a great variety and something for everyone. starting from £12.99. walk your dog in style. we also sell matching collars to the leads. browse our website for the full range.

Beds And Blankets

We have a good range of Barbour dog beds blankets and mattresses in stock we also stock the house of paws all weather dog mattress. different sizes available. different styles for you to choose from. Make your dog comfortable after all there hard work training with a new bed today. prices on these start at £32.95.

Toys and Dummies

we have a great selection of dog toys and training aids in store and on our website.

the tweed dog toys from house of paws start from £7.99.

This toy is for use by pets only. Always supervise your dog during playtime and remember to remove toys if damage occurs or any parts become detached.

we also stock dog toys stocked by Barbour.

Different size dummies available whether its training the smallest of mouths to the more advanced. starting at £8.99.

Quality canvas with plastic toggle. Very good value. It's brightly coloured, making it highly visible and easy for dogs to find whilst the small rope attached allows you to throw long distances with ease. Scent is used to teach a dog to hunt for a dead or wounded bird using it's sense of smell if you don't have a bird for practice. Scent can be liberally applied to a plastic or canvas dummy, or it can be injected into a foam dummy.

Training Packs

In store now we have a selection of Training Packs starting from the small puppy days to the more advanced packs with heavier dummies. please check on our website to find out which best suits you and your furry friends needs.

packs include items such as a whistle, a dummy, training lead and a lanyard.

Dog Food

Here at Morston Country Sports we stock a selection of dog food like Skinners Field and Trial starting from £20 per sack. we also stock Acana Wild Prairie dry dog food, love Joys Pure and Simple, Autarky Adult Grain Free dog food. The dog food is click and collect in store only. Please look on our website for our full range.

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