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Treksta Brown 6" Heathfield Lace Up Gtx Walking Boot


Features include Hypergrip soles to ensure perfect grip on all surfaces. Other features include NestFit fit which ensures that the shoe fits perfectly around the foot. Also featured is Ice Lock slip prevention, IST stability and suspension technology for various surfaces.



  • Gore-Tex Waterproof leather boot, with breathable membrane lining.
  • Nestfit for a wider and more comfortable fit and roomy toe box.
  • Premium integrated lace and locking system with durable access.
  • Ice Lock slip protection giving greater control on slippery surfaces.
  • IST Stability, and suspension technology for various surfaces.


  • Treksta

    Since 1988, Treksta has been developing the newest solution to make the human life more comfortable. To change conventional heavy and stiff hiking boots, Treksta was the first in the world to develop the ‘Light trekking boots’. For more than 25 years, Treksta has remained itself as the world leader of light trekking shoes.

    Treksta’s history of innovation does not stop there. Treksta is constantly moving forward and taking on new challenges. Since Treksta launched its clothing lines in 2004, Treksta has been able to establish itself as a complete outdoor sports wear brand.


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