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Tilley Stone Rainproof Bucket Hat


The Tilley TP102 Rainproof Bucket Hat is made to the highest standard. Each hat has been crafted by 23 skilled craftsmen to bring you a hat that if cared for will last a lifetime. Designed to block out 98% of the sun's rays (certified UPF 50+), lightweight and durable. The hat has reinforced seams (sealing waterproof taping) to ensure that water cannot enter through the stitching The medium sloped brim offers even more protection from the elements. 


TP102 Rainproof Bucket Hat Features

  • Tilley TP102 Rainproof Bucket Hat
  • Certified UPF 50+
  • Downward sloping brim
  • Breathable
  • Secret pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Hanger loop


Colour:  Stone


  • Tilley


    Guaranteed for life, an iconic Tilley hat fits low and loose, floats, hides a secret pocket and blocks 98% of the sun's harmful rays. Proudly made in Canada and designed to endure whatever the world can throw at it, a Tilley hat is more, though, than simply a lightweight, practical, durable, reliable, stylish travel essential. It’s history on your head.

    • 55cm = 6.7/8
    • 56cm = 7
    • 57cm = 7.1/8
    • 58cm = 7.1/4
    • 59cm = 7.3/8
    • 60cm = 7.1/2
    • 61cm = 7.5/8
    • 61.5cm = 7.3/4
    • 62.5cm=7.7/8
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