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Stormsure 30g Neoprene Queen Adhesive


Neoprene Queen Adhesive is a fast-curing, thick, black glue. Its premium quality and properties make it perfect for repairing wetsuit and drysuit damage that regularly occurs over time with regular use. This nifty adhesive will enable you to make easy and durable repairs to rips, roles, leaks and split seams on wetsuit and drysuit material. 


To use, apply to both edges of a rip and bond firmly together for 20 seconds. Within 5 minutes, it should be touch dry and you will be ready to go back in the water!




    Stormsure Ltd is a company that specialises in manufacture and distribution of specialist adhesives. These are primarily used for the manufacture and repair of items which are waterproof, airtight and flexible. Our Flexible Repair Adhesive is well known and sold all over the world in a variety of niche markets such as camping, watersports, diving, footwear, equestrian, fishing and hardware, for example. Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive can be used for fixing leaks, rips and tears in Wetsuits and Drysuits, Tents, Awnings, Waders, Inflatable items and Rubber boots. It is also widely used for repairs to Horse rugs & blankets and all types of footwear, such as trainers, leather boots and shoes, and shoes made of man-made fabrics.

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