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Rovex CMR-1815 Reel


Rovex CMR Boat Reels are arguably one of the most popular boat reels on offer from Rovex. The 2016/17 Rovex CMR Boat Reel series is only an improvement on a well established reel. Anglers looking for an awesome level wind to manage their retrieves know they can rely on the high performance and durability of Rovex CMR Boat Reels.

Rovex CMR Boat Reels are all about reliability and durability at a lightweight. The lightweight and extremely strong graphite frame and sideplates house an extremely durable and strong aluminium spool. Chrome-plated brass outer rings add to the strength and reliability delivered by Rovex CMR Boat Reels.

Rovex CMR Boat Reels have a spool that can handle over 300 yards of line – perfect for when fishing for target species that like to go on those long runs. Retrieving is a breeze with a strong alloy handle fitted with an oval knob for a strong, solid and comfortable grip when cranking in the prize. Tough stainless steel bearings keep that reel cranking strong over the toughest of fishing adventures.

Rovex CMR Boat Reels are the perfect choice for the general boat fisherman looking for more value for money than what is offered by other reels in the class.



  • 2 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Strong levelwind
  • Durable clicker
  • Line Capacity: 330yds/15lb
  • Gear Ratio: 4.2:1


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