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Puppy Training Starter Kit


The training kit includes:

  • Acme 210.5 Dog Whistle
  • Bisley Puppy Training Dummy
  • Bisley 3mm Lanyard
  • Bisley 10mm Natural Slip Lead 


Acme Dog Whistle:

Dog whistles work in the same ways that any other modes of training do, and for the same reasons; to wit, dogs are consistently trained to respond in a certain fashion to their use. Whether you are a fan of vocal commands, clicker training, or rewarding with delicious treats, even the most practiced dog-whistle advocates recommend a dog whistle be a secondary and supplementary training technique.



Bisley Puppy Dummy:

Quality canvas with plastic toggle.  Very good value.  It's brightly coloured, making it highly visible and easy for dogs to find whilst the small rope attached allows you to throw long distances with ease.  Scent is used to teach a dog to hunt for a dead or wounded bird using it's sense of smell if you don't have a bird for practice. Scent can be liberally applied to a plastic or canvas dummy, or it can be injected into a foam dummy.


Bisley 3mm Lanyeard:

Fixed neck loop with adjustable swivel clip end


Bisley 10mm Natural Slip Lead:

Natural rope lead with leather adjustable stop.  10mm, 110cm long.

As with collars, size is important. Make sure the leash is the proper size for your dog and for his collar. A thin, lightweight leash designed for a little dog may not be strong enough to control a rambunctious Labrador retriever. 



    Bisley are renowned for their range of quality shotgun and shooting accessories. The Bisley range includes gun care products such as gun slips, gun cleaning kits and cartridge belts, as well as a fabulous range of beautiful gifts for the country gent, such as hip flasks, hunting flasks and sporting print silk ties.

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