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Pageant Pewter Stag Tie Clip


Beautifully presented Stag tie clip is hand made, and supplied in a stylish, lidded box.

The ideal Gift.


Tie Clip in high quality, lead-free, English pewter


  • Pageant Pewter

    Established in 1997, our family business continues to grow as we remain true to our guiding principle of producing “… quality that everyone can afford!”

    We’re proud to say that all of our products are handcrafted by us here in the UK using the finest grade of lead free, English pewter.

    About Pewter

    Pewter is an alloy, primarily of tin but with smaller amounts of other metals including copper and antimony, varying depending upon the application. It is the 4th most valuable metal in common use after platinum, gold and silver.

    History of Pewter

    In Europe, pewter dates back to Roman times and was initially associated with the wealthy. From the 18th century onwards it became more widely used for finer trinkets and tableware before being gradually replaced by porcelain and glass.

    Caring for your Pewter item

    Our products can retain their finish for years but can be cleaned easily. We recommend buffing with a virtually dry cloth with the smallest amount of metal polish. Experts would recommend that antique pewter items are cleaned with warm, soapy water.


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