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Opticron T4 Trailfinder WP 8X25 Black Binoculars


Entry level roof prism compacts, the T4 Trailfinder WP are manufactured in a single hinge roof prism design and offer the full field of view for spectacle wearers. Suitable for casual wildlife observation as well more specialised pursuits where ease of use, size and weight are desired, they deliver good all-round performance and value for under £80.



  • Compact single hinge roof prism design for one hand operation
  • Fully armoured
  • Nitrogen gas filled waterproof
  • High light transmission fully multi-coated optical system
  • 4-stage twist-type retractable eyecups
  • Close focus to 1.5m




Guarantee- 5 year

Product Code- 30706


  • Opticron

    Founded in the UK in 1970, Opticron is a family-owned business with fifty years’ experience in consumer optics. In that time, we have met and exceeded the demands of tens of thousands of people looking for a pair of quality affordable binoculars, a fieldscope or accessory to help them pursue their pastime, hobby or obsession. Irrespective of age, budget or experience we aim to always provide wildlife watchers with the best mix of quality, choice, value and customer service possible.

    Our maxim “smaller, lighter, brighter, sharper” is the driving force behind the compact and lightweight equipment we offer. Designed and engineered to meet the demands of sometimes highly discriminating customers who actively use their equipment, we offer a wide range of models to ensure people get to own an instrument suited to them.

    Quality and value are two factors critical to our success and these have been developed in partnership with a small number of trusted manufacturers over many years. The benefits of these relationships are seen in the performance and price of our products as well as the guarantees we offer with them.

    Innovation is a key part of our philosophy - bringing new and better solutions to our customers as the things they want from their equipment change. One of the first companies outside Europe’s 'big three' to launch an internally focused, 2 metre close focus roof prism binocular in 1995, we were a forerunner in the development of the travelscope (a high quality interchangeable eyepiece spottingscope that meant larger ‘scopes could be left at home) and we offer the widest range of quality full-size field monoculars of any company in the business. Another example of how we bring new levels of performance and specification to the market is the Traveller BGA. The first model introduced in 2003 weighed <380g and is still the lightest instrument of its type ever! The latest ED versions added to the range in 2017 are among our best-selling models.

    It is not only how an instrument looks and handles when new but how well it responds after being left out in the rain, pulled out of a backpack in 40°C heat or -20°C when everything is frozen over. Opticron equipment is designed and built to work in all weathers and with due care and the occasional service - for a lifetime.

    With so many years in the business we accept things can go wrong and know how to deal with them when they do. Whether it’s accidental damage or product failure, we have a team of technicians that will diagnose and repair your equipment whether it’s replacing a broken eyecup or a complete rebuild. You can talk directly to the person carrying out the repair or through your dealer as you choose.

    We hope you find our website interesting and informative. If you have any questions about the products and services we offer or about any of our policies relating to the environment, ethical trading, modern slavery, equality, anti-corruption or health & safety please contact us and we will reply in person.

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