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Napier Universal Gun Cleaning Mat


Napier Universal Gun Cleaning Mat is the perfect protection for the surfaces within your home, preventing any oils or grease from your cleaning products or even the debris you remove from your gun marking or damaging your home.

This mat is the ideal item for all gun owners who use their dinning room table or kitchen work top to clean their gun on. Keep your wife or girlfriend happy with this large roll away mat which will help prevent the surfaces becoming scratched, marked or stained by the lotions and potions you use to clean your gun. 



  • Protects surfaces from scratches or product leaks
  • Large enough for any shotgun or rifle
  • Small pockets to keep everything in place
  • non slip neoprene surface to help prevent spillages
  • Handy carry strap so you can roll up and take where required



  • Napier

    With decades of experience in producing ultra high performance gun care chemicals and materials. Napier’s experience in this specialist field has resulted in a complete range of the highest quality chemical preparations made especially for use on fine sporting guns, and are now also widely used by discerning military and law enforcement clients.

    Key items are now NATO listed. Our Ultra Clean system is unique and offers remarkably fast effective cleaning of any type of gun, the proven Gun Cleaner and Lubricants all feature VP90 advanced vapour phase corrosion control, and have been selected by leading gunmakers as the product of choice for maintaining their valuable and fine guns.

    Napier has developed a unique refill system that allows our 125ml cans to be refilled at any time from our economy 750ml aerosol; this reduces waste and is environmentally friendly.

    Napier Gun Care and corrosion control products are made exclusively in England to stringent quality and environmental standards ISO9000 and ISO14000, using quality assured raw materials that are made and processed in the UK, all our exclusive formulations comply with current HS requirements and legislation.

    We are proud to have been chosen as supplier of Gun Care products to Westley Richards, James Purdey, EJ Churchill and BASC.Our 100ml Cans are available from each of them in their own livery.

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