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Napier Ultra Clean 14M Cleaning Patch


Now Ultra Clean takes this convenience to a new level and in tests out performed ALL conventional products. The Special Double sided self amalgamating fabric roll simply wrapped around any jag will quickly dislodge and remove any fouling with ease it is chemically inert and can be used with any chemical cleaner. When used with Gun Cleaner Lube it will effectively cut cleaning time by over 50 Ultra Clean is literally a BRUSH and a MOP on a single roll. The Rough side has a safe abrasive action that scrubs the bore but unlike a brush it will hold the dirt particles and remove them completely. A quick spray with Gun Oil or Cleaner then another pass with the highly absorbent SOFT Mop side of the fabric and the jobs done. Ultra Clean is self amalgamating It bonds to itself like Velcro and will not unwind on a cleaning rod it is also ideal to wrap around your hand and use as a POLISHING MITT to clean and handle barrels and wooden stocks. This unique feature is simple and highly effective say goodbye to old soiled dusters and rags Ultra Clean ensures a new clean surface every time. This new Hi Tec fabric is distinctively packaged in a gold carton containing 12 Metres 13.12 Yds which is more than 75 x 12 bore cleans.


  • Napier

    With decades of experience in producing ultra high performance gun care chemicals and materials. Napier’s experience in this specialist field has resulted in a complete range of the highest quality chemical preparations made especially for use on fine sporting guns, and are now also widely used by discerning military and law enforcement clients.

    Key items are now NATO listed. Our Ultra Clean system is unique and offers remarkably fast effective cleaning of any type of gun, the proven Gun Cleaner and Lubricants all feature VP90 advanced vapour phase corrosion control, and have been selected by leading gunmakers as the product of choice for maintaining their valuable and fine guns.

    Napier has developed a unique refill system that allows our 125ml cans to be refilled at any time from our economy 750ml aerosol; this reduces waste and is environmentally friendly.

    Napier Gun Care and corrosion control products are made exclusively in England to stringent quality and environmental standards ISO9000 and ISO14000, using quality assured raw materials that are made and processed in the UK, all our exclusive formulations comply with current HS requirements and legislation.

    We are proud to have been chosen as supplier of Gun Care products to Westley Richards, James Purdey, EJ Churchill and BASC.Our 100ml Cans are available from each of them in their own livery.

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