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Karrimor Mens Olive Spiral Low Weatherlite Shoes


Lightweight Walking Shoes made with a weatherlite membrane.



  • upper- TPU Hot Melt & Mesh
  • liner- weathertite
  • midsole- Compresed EVA
  • outsole- Vibram
  •  S2455
  • weight -395g



Code: K1070


£79.99 Regular Price
£51.99Sale Price
  • Karrimor

    Originally founded 1946 by Charles Parsons, Mary Parsons  and Grace Davies, Karrimor had humble beginnings as simply hand-sewed cotton-duck cycle pannier bags.

    With a pioneering past, Karrimor has produced radical outdoor equipment and clothing in its history. The innovative Haston Alpiniste rucksack of the 1970s became the most famous alpine  rucksack ever. In the 1980s, the pioneering Karrimor sports boots (KSB) were the first to be made with lightweight fabric.

    Now world renowned, the British specialists in adventure outdoor equipment still strive for high standards and innovative designs. has a comprehensive range of Karrimor rucksacks, walking boots, safety boots, backpacks, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, tents, outdoor clothing, snow boots, camping equipment, running shoes and everything else you could possibly need for an outdoor adventure.

    Karrimor has outdoor equipment and sports equipment suitable for novice explorers to professional mountaineers. With gear and clothing for walking, camping, running, mountaineering and expeditions, Karrimor equipment and clothing has been selected by the world’s most accomplished mountaineers as the ultimate weapons to succeed.

    Rower, Olympian and adventurer, James Cracknell is the current ambassador for Karrimor. The team of elite athletes have design input in to the Karrimor collections and opportunity to test the Karrimor kit in some of the world’s harshest conditions.

    Combining durability and cutting edge technology with over 60 years experience, Karrimor holds a reputation in excellence. As Karrimor continues to offer great quality outdoor clothing and equipment, we are always happy to hear from our customers. Contact Karrrimor if you have any suggestions or comments.

    Brand History-

    Since 1946
    There has been one landmark product, event or
    sponsorship after another at Karrimor. Over 70
    years of outstanding products are what inspires
    us to bring you even higher standards and better
    products. Bragging and resting on our laurels
    is not really the British way, but heritage and
    historical facts are…
    Charles and Mary Parsons, along with Grace
    Davies founded the Karrimor company in
    Lancashire and started producing cycle bags.
    Karrimor introduce weathertiteTM products, way
    ahead of their time.
    First climbing sacs produced in conjunction
    with the climbers of the day Jimmy Rostron and
    Dave Thomas.
    Karrimor starts work with Joe Brown and
    introduces the Joe Brown Rucsac.
    Karrimor starts a decade of domination of the
    UK market with the Alpiniste sac born of a
    partnership with Don Whillans.
    Karrimor introduce pack frames and the
    Karrimor appoints Dougal Haston as technical
    advisor and the ‘Haston Alpiniste’ in purple
    becomes the most famous alpine sac ever.
    Chris Bonnington’s Everest South West Face
    expedition is successful, fully equipped with
    Karrimor products. Junko Tabei of Japan
    becomes the first woman to climb Everest using
    a Karrimor pack frame sac.
    Peter Habeler achieves the first ascent of Everest
    without oxygen using Karrimor equipment.
    ks100e introduced, considered to be the worlds
    first waterproof texturised fabric.
    ksb’s introduced.
    The first outdoor footwear made from lightweight
    fabric, instead of heavier leather, and outdoor
    footwear revolution begins.
    Introduction of the size adjustable back system
    for sacs make load carrying comfortable for
    Karrimor introduces a range of polar garments
    and accessories.
    Karrimor receives a British Design award in the
    course of duty.
    Introduction of volume adjuster fit kits to the ksb
    footwear allow further refinement of footwear fit
    for better comfort and performance.
    ADD introduced to ksb footwear to (again)
    improve the fit, function and performance
    of ksb’s.
    ksb’s diversify into sandals and approach
    Karrimor develop new X-Lite products; lighter
    weight yet without sacrificing performance or
    durability. Karrimor introduces Fine Moulding, a
    technology that increases durability of fabrics by
    up to 50% versus standard walking boot fabrics
    without sacrificing breathability.
    Karrimor introduce updated Size Adjust system
    featuring new Direct Link technology.
    brand history

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