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Kamasan B940S Short Shank Aberdeen 2/0 Pack of 7 Hooks


A very versatile hook.  It has a short shank and the classic Aberdeen shape that ensures that it is not only very strong but can also be used for a wide variety of baits and fishing situations.  This hook is particularly popular when used with crab as bait.




    Kamasan as a brand name has been in existence for over 30 years, though for several years before that they were known as Kamatsu. The company was innovative from the get go, and Kamasan was the very first brand in the industry to introduce chemically sharpened hooks. This represented a huge technological step forward in hook manufacture and the ground-breaking process has since been followed by every other hook maker. Almost all now use this innovation as standard in the present day manufacture of hooks.


    Kamasan prides itself on being able to provide the very best hook for all categories of angler. They know that the hook is perhaps the more important piece of tackle in an angler’s arsenal, as it is the only bit of kit that comes in direct contact with the fish in the water. Kamasan respects this, and aims to produce hooks worthy of any fish, giving anglers across the spectrum the ability to aim for which ever target they please in the knowledge that a Kamasan hook won’t let them down.

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