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Failsworth Porto Cap

Top off your look with the Failsworth Porto Hat, a classic cap with a textured finish. It's a charming mix of vintage style and practicality that pairs superbly with a cosy jumper, a smart jacket, or simple shirt. Ideal for leisurely weekend outings or daily wear, this cap is your go-to for a stylish yet understated accessory.

•Comfortable, durable, and practical

•Six panel construction

•Sloped peak

•Helps to protect you from the sun



  • Failsworth

    Whilst we never lose sight of our traditional values – exceptional quality, fine attention to detail and supreme craftsmanship.

    Our focus is on the future, employing the latest advances in fabric technology manufacturing techniques and design innovation.

    In 1903, from our humble Manchester premises, we turned out a mere 25-dozen hats per week. Growing steadily, by the 1940’s we were making 5,000-dozen hats per week, even finding time to contribute towards the war effort by hand-crafting flying helmets for the RAF and ‘special equipment’ for commando frogmen.

    When demand for our fur felt hats began to dwindle in the 1950’s, we could ‘see the writing on the wall’ and already had a viable alternative ready when the market collapsed altogether.

    Our fabric variants soon took off, winning favour both with the avant-garde and ‘man in the street’ alike.

    Today we’re still concentrating on tomorrow, forever introducing new twists on ever-popular models, introducing next generation fabrics, textures and colours, always inventing, always progressing.

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