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Denton Navy Linen Barge Cap

This cap comes fully lined and is made from 100% linen

Features linen band trim with matching linen side buttons

Blue & white striped inner polycotton lining

Soft cotton inner sweatband for comfort

Stiff Peak - measures approximately 5.5cm

Crown measures approximately 7.5cm

Available in Dark Navy Blue (almost black) or Cream

Sizes: Small 55cm, Medium 57cm, Large 59cm, Extra Large 61cm

This really is a lovely cap - it's well made, 100% linen and fully lined.


  • Denton Hats strives to keep hatting culture thriving in Denton, England and around the world.

    About Denton Hats

    Denton Hats are a leading wholesale supplier of Men’s and Ladies’ hats based in Denton, Manchester, England.

    From classic styles such as Bowler Hats and Churchill Homburgs, to formal occasion Top Hats and Fascinators, or casual 8-Piece Caps and Deerstalkers, we offer a range of bespoke styles and fabric patterns for both Men and Women.

    Hats and Caps have been produced in Denton, England for over 300 years and with nearly 40 years of experience here at Denton Hats, we aim to serve tradition to our valued customers.

    ​​​​​​​History of Denton

    Felt hat-making was first recorded as early as 1702 in Denton, Manchester, England. By 1825, there was a total of 25 hat manufacturers in and around Denton with approximately 24,000 hats produced each week by 1840. This hatting industry was the biggest employer in Denton with 41% of the local people working in the hatting industry at one time. This boom of industry led Denton to become one of the world’s epicentres of hat making.

    Today at Denton Hats, we are proud to keep this industry alive and thriving in Denton with our timeless collection of hats.

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