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3M Peltor Yellow Kids Hearing Protection


Protect your kid’s hearing at music festivals or any loud events with 3M Peltor Kids Earmuffs. Our easy to wear earmuffs are vibrantly coloured in red (or blue) so you can spot your little ones in a crowd. They feature comfortable wide sealing rings with a low profile. Ideal to pack when heading for a fun, noisy family day out. Use at music festivals, air shows, concerts, festivals, sporting events or firework displays or wear them at home if needed around loud machinery such as power tools.


  • Make sure your kids are protected from noise and are easily spotted at events with our vibrantly coloured and easy to wear earmuffs
  • Modern, stylish slim line cup design
  • High visibility colours for attracting attention thus increasing safety
  • Liquid sealing rings for improved comfort
  • Average noise reduction of 27 dB SNR by wearing this product
  • Ideal to pack when heading for a fun, noisy family day out


  • 3M- Peltor

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