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Bisley Economy Hide Poles


Set of four economy poles with net holder and spike.


Hides come in various guises; natural, bale and net.  Today the technology in hide making belongs to the net and pole manufacturer.  Buy yourself 20 x 4-5 feet of light coloured camouflage netting and half a dozen telescopic, purpose made hide poles and you have enough to build a hide anywhere which will serve you throughout the changing colours and seasons of the year.  Build your hide so that you have background cover, enough room to sit comfortably, see out of the hide without showing your face to the incoming target, stand and swing the gun and leave room for the dog.



    Bisley are renowned for their range of quality shotgun and shooting accessories. The Bisley range includes gun care products such as gun slips, gun cleaning kits and cartridge belts, as well as a fabulous range of beautiful gifts for the country gent, such as hip flasks, hunting flasks and sporting print silk ties.

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