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Camo Systems Camo Hide Netting 10' x 6'


High quality, green/brown, and reversible.  Strong and hardwearing, with good quality nylon netting interwoven for extra strength.


Hides come in various guises; natural, bale and net.  Today the technology in hide making belongs to the net and pole manufacturer.  Buy yourself 10 x 6 feet of light coloured camouflage netting and half a dozen telescopic, purpose made hide poles and you have enough to build a hide anywhere which will serve you throughout the changing colours and seasons of the year.  Build your hide so that you have background cover, enough room to sit comfortably, see out of the hide without showing your face to the incoming target, stand and swing the gun and leave room for the dog.


  • Camo Systems

    Camo Systems is the leading manufacturer of world-class camouflage material for fishing, hunting, shooting and photography, at highly competitive prices. Here are our international wholesalers, suppliers and distributors.  Contact us now for information and quotes.

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