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Alan Paine Woodland Fernley Waterproof Breeks


Pair these flattering flat front waterproof breeks with your Fernley field coat or jacket, or one of Alan Paine’s alternative performance coats. Perfectly practical, the breeks are fully lined with airtex mesh which will help to wick moisture from the legs to keep you comfortable on the peg.



  •  Waterproof - Heavy rain, guaranteed to withstand mother nature’s downpours.
  • Breathable – Don’t sweat it, allows body moisture to evaporate.
  • Flat Front
  • Deep Angled Side Pockets
  • Two Concealed Secure Back Pockets
  •  Adjustable Elastic Pull Hem
  • Taped Waterproof Seems
  •  21” Inside Leg
  •  Machine Washable




    In 1907 William Paine founded this famous knitwear brand in Godalming, Surrey, and named it Paines of Godalming. He taught himself to knit as a hobby, but soon this grew into a thriving knitwear business. He developed some of the very first cable-knit sweaters ever produced, selling these to local cricket clubs.  By the outbreak of the Second World War, Paines had gained such an unrivalled reputation for the quality of its workmanship that the company was commissioned to make woollen sweaters for Britain's armed forces, particularly the Navy. By 1942, the Alan Paine workforce had grown to 400 staff members in Godalming and 200 in Wales. 


    In 1999 an American team found on Mount Everest the body of an Englishman, George Mallory, who in 1924 made an attempt to reach the summit. Some of his clothing bore the label: W F Paine, 72 High Street, Godalming. 


    In 2009, Alan Paine launches its fine country wear collection.

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