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Stetson Hats

The hat manufacturer, John Batterson Stetson, who owns one of the largest hat firms in the world ( John B. Stetson Company, founded in 1865) is considered as the inventor of the cowboy hat. Stetson created a universal symbol of the West. His hats have been worn by peers, patriots, presidents, professionals, military personnel and ordinary people - and, of course, the inimitable Larry Hagman as J.R. in Dallas! There are thousands of Western brands, but none of which are equivalent to Stetson. Wherever and whenever hats are discussed, Stetson will be mentioned.  

Although Stetson is synonymous with the famous "10 gallon hat", the Stetson range now encompasses everything from a leather "Peaky Blinders" style cap, through to the more traditional cowboy style hats.

Who among the world’s celebrities love them their Stetson fedora hats? Well, aside from Brad Pitt, another famous man occasionally seen wearing a Stetson fedora is the Pirate of the Carribean himself, Johnny Depp. Matthew McConaughey rocks a cool Stetson cowboy hat from time to time, never mind Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton who gamely put on these hats when they were in the cowboy city of Calgary, Canada.

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