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Stormsure Tuff Tape 0.5m x 75mm Self Adhesive Waterproof Reapir Tape


Stormsure ’TUFF Tape’ is a very strong, clear, self-adhesive, waterproof tape that is sold as individual pre-cut patches and strips of various shapes and sizes. TUFF Tape is made of a thin, but very tough, polyurethane film with a pressure sensitive adhesive and backing paper on the rear side. It has characteristics unlike many other tapes. It is waterproof and air tight. It is highly resistant to abrasion and very difficult to tear or puncture. It stretches and is elastic and it can withstand both heat and extreme cold without losing all its useful characteristics. TUFF Tape is very strong and can bind together items just by stretching the tape around the item and using the elasticity to pull the pieces tightly into place. When TUFF tape is applied to clothing it will go through regular washing machine cycles unaffected.


USES: Use TUFF Tape to quickly repair rips in waterproof clothing, ripped netting and fabrics, inflatable mattresses, canoes and RIBs, tents and awnings, sails and kites, waders, cracked buckets and other plastic containers, PVC curtain sides on trucks and warehouses.


DIRECTIONS: Ensure that the surface is clean and dry before using. Cut a suitable sized piece of TUFF Tape for your repair using good quality scissors or a sharp scalpel blade. Peel off the backing paper. Carefully position and then apply the TUFF Tape directly on top of the damage. Start at one edge and press the tape down gradually to avoid the entrapment of air bubbles. Once the TUFF Tape is in place rub it firmly with a smooth and hard object (such as the back of a spoon) to ensure the maximum adhesion to the substrate.




    Stormsure Ltd is a company that specialises in manufacture and distribution of specialist adhesives. These are primarily used for the manufacture and repair of items which are waterproof, airtight and flexible. Our Flexible Repair Adhesive is well known and sold all over the world in a variety of niche markets such as camping, watersports, diving, footwear, equestrian, fishing and hardware, for example. Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive can be used for fixing leaks, rips and tears in Wetsuits and Drysuits, Tents, Awnings, Waders, Inflatable items and Rubber boots. It is also widely used for repairs to Horse rugs & blankets and all types of footwear, such as trainers, leather boots and shoes, and shoes made of man-made fabrics.

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