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Fernandez Roche Black Cleef Western Merino Wool Texan Hat


The Cleef hat for men is a fashion model made of 100% merino wool felt. His style is defined by an 11 cm Texan crown and an 8 cm western brim. He wears a strap in colors combined in the purest cowboy style along with a F&R pin. Inside it has a fabric pad that makes this model very comfortable. Handmade, made in Spain.

Every detail counts

For the manufacture of a handmade hat, the last is essential to give the shape of the capeline, which at first is a circular plane before inserting it into the mold, it is transformed into a conical piece to facilitate its handling. Pressure and heat are provided to this form with machines that are reminiscent of hydraulic presses that have a hat-form incorporated in their lower part. This procedure is fundamental to heat, the desired shape is obtained in a fixed way for that hat model.With the shape of the crown created, the brim is formed, which according to the design will go through different processes from the gumming so that the brim has a greater or lesser hardness; ironing, a phase in which a regular iron and a large amount of steam are used, an element that will be very present throughout the process. This process is carried out by hand by a factory operator with each of the hats that are made. The brim is also trimmed to the specified length. Having already finished the hat, it is necessary to give a finish to the fiber of this and as is normal in this world, there are different types of finishes from velvety to a bright polish, etc. Finally, the hat would go through the sebrim workshop to be finished with all kinds of accessories such as ribbons, bow, sheepskin, lining, leather straps, etc.


Personal style

The Cleef hat is synonymous with fashion. Its colors and western style present the trends of this season better than any other model. A perfect hat to mark style in all events. This model requires risky looks or denim touches that are going strong in today's cities.


Caring for a hat

Always brush the hat in the direction of the hairs with a specialized brush. Use steam to accompany this action so that it is easier to eliminate odors and dust particles. 




  • Fernandez Roche Hats

    At Fernández and ROCHE we always work taking into account three fundamental pillars: our craftworkers , the quality of the raw materials and the permanent innovation of our products.

    To produce the best hats we must have qualified staff, in our case, a team with more than 20 years of experience who are trained every day to offer products with the "handmade" label.

    Our headquarters are located in Seville , where the power of craftsmanship is highly valued. A historic place, inspiring in every corner, which becomes the ideal background for the creation of our accessories. And, thanks to this process of craftsmanship and care, Fernández and ROCHE hats will be passed down from generation to generation.


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