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Walther Compact Knife Sharpener


Official Walther compact sharpener with 2 different cutting angles. Suitable for a wide range of plain blade knives including swiss army tools and knives, hunting/outdoor knives, kitchen knives. 2 different sharpening inserts: The coarse carbide inserts (dark notch) are for basic sharpening. The ceramic inserts (white notch) are fine edge for polishing the blade and restoring it to its original shine. Genuine Walther product.


  • Walther

    Founded in 1886 in Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia, the Carl Walther company today is known for large-caliber pistols used by police and other law enforcement authorities. Additionally, it makes high-quality sporting weapons. In both of these areas it can look back on a tradition of excellent gunmaking going back now 130 years. Legendary handguns bearing the famous WALTHER ribbon logo include the Walther PPK (favored by Agent 007 James Bond), the P.38/P1 pistol of the German army and the well-known P99 and PPQ, all of which have large fan communities throughout the world. In 1993 the company was acquired by the UMAREX Group, which is based in Arnsberg, Germany. Carl Walther manufactures most of its weapons in the factory which it established in 2005 in Ulm, and it has its headquarters together with its parent company Umarex in Arnsberg. A U.S. subsidiary, Walther Arms, was founded in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in 2013.

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