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Berghaus Blue Bioflex Light 50 Rucksack 


Ideal for faster paced hikes where weight management is essential – the BIOFLEX Light 50 Rucksack boasts packing volume and comfort at a minimum weight.

The waist belt is attached to a BIOFLEX Light pivot; this allows the pack to move with you providing a higher level of carry comfort and weight transfer. Packed full of Berghaus features and sits on a women’s specific harness for a lightweight, comfortable and versatile pack for multi day treks.


  • BIOFLEX Light backsystem moves with you for the best in carry comfort and load distribution.
  • A height adjustable back system allows you to adapt the pack to your own height and build ensuring a comfortable experience over the long trek.
  • Berghaus Halo compression system allows the pack to give a uniform and consistent compression of the load providing greater stability.


£120.00 Regular Price
£96.00Sale Price


    Berghaus is an outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer headquartered in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, UK. It is based in the North East of England but distributes worldwide. It was founded in 1966 by climbers and mountaineers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison.


    In 1966, outdoor wear as we know it didn't really exist. Then Berghaus came along. It all began when climbers and mountaineers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison from the North East of England, frustrated by what they saw as a lack of decent outdoor gear, decided to import and sell their own.


    Innovators of waterproof; their technology has come a long way since the first mass-produced waterproof jackets. These days there’s no ‘one-jacket-suits-all’ approach, and they’re proud to create clothing made specifically for different athletic types, activities and climates.

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