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Clays and Ammo

Eco Clays

In store we now stock Lipetsk clay targets, The eco friendly lipetskclaytargets, comes in three colours green, brown or orange. Breaks down naturally in the environment with no clastogens.


The most popular type of targets. It is used both in trap-shooting and sporting.


A sporting target turning while in flight.

«Rabbit »

A sporting target imitating a running rabbit. Goes along the ground rather than through the air.

Lipetsk clays used along side our newly stocked bioammo makes for a super eco friendly fun day out.


Here in store we do a great selection of different cartridges in all gauge sizes. 410g, 28g, 20g, 16g, and 12g. We have everything from clay loads to steel wildfowl loads to fully biodegradable loads.

Holland and Holland cartridge range has been developed specifically to give you the perfect blend of performance, consistency and even pattern.

BioAmmo cartridges have a fully biogradable case and wad made from vegetable origin. The BioAmmo wad sinks and will disperse into the ground in 18-months to 2 years in a natural bacterial process.

Gamebore super competition is a very smooth and consistent load, great for those that suffer with recoil.

Hull super fast pigeon, This is a high velocity cartridge that is specifically designed for pigeon and other small game. The high grade shot hits hard and this round is auto friendly

Hull high pheasant extreme high performance load suitable for high game packed in a 70mm case. Grouse. Partridge. and the high pheasant.

Jocker cartridges are another great bio cartridge option we have in store.

these are some of the options of cartridges we stock. For our full range why not pop in store to see us.

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